Willkommen im ebay Shop von harveys-matchbox! Hier finden Sie eine Zusammenfassung aller meiner zur Zeit laufenden Auktionen, auch der im Ausland eingestellten Modelle. Sollten Ihnen das noch nicht reichen und Sie noch weiter stöbern wollen dann finden Sie über meine mich Seite den Weg zu Deutschlands umfangreichstem Angebot an antiquarischen Matchbox Sammlermodellen der Serien 1-75 ( Regular Wheels 1953 - 1969 und Superfast 1969 - 1983 ), Major & Accessory Packs, King Size und Superkings. Dazu jede Menge Zubehör wie Kataloge, Displays, Werbematerial und Giftsets. Selbstverständlich können Sie Ebay- & Shopartikel für den Versand kombinieren.
I do speak english and ship worldwide, don't hesitate to contact me in english for any questions you might have about the models or shipping options. Have lots of listings on the .uk and .com sites listed but will translate any german ebay listing for you if requested.




  • FAQ for english speaking customers
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welcome to Harveys-Matchbox on ebay!

This site contains informations in english for those having trouble reading the german text within my shop listings. Please bear with me in case of any misspellings or bad grammar, english is not my native language and i'm still working on it.

Important notice to all my english speaking costomers!

I have started a section called US&UK listings in english within my shop, this section contains all my listings on the and sites in english. I'm planning to expand the listings in english vastly over what you see now so please stay tuned.

Shipping: i do ship worldwide ( with a few small exceptions like North Korea or Liberia )! For a flat fee of 8 Euros i can ship up to four 1-75 series models around the world, even to Australia and NZ, airmail and registered with a tracking number. If you want to buy more models or bigger/heavier items email me for an shipping quote. Shipping charges ex-Germany are based on weight and not so much on size. It only gets tricky and much more expensive if you're interested in very large items like playsets as these are too large to be shipped for letter or small packet rates. Additional insurance can be added for 1,50 Euro per 100 Euro value, there are maximum's on insurance coverage to certain countries. I will of course always combine lots for shipping, it's also possible to combine ebay items and models bought directly throug my webshop.

Additional informations or pictures: If you are require additional informations on listed models or want more pictures don't hesitate to contact me in english for an translation of the items's description or additional pictures. Please email me directly to as i can not sent pictures through the ebay email system.

Payment options: I do accept paypal, USPS ( and only those ) money orders and direkt bank transfers.

Grading system: I use the 1-10 scale for grading models and boxes. 10 being perfectly mint, 9.5 one pin-prick and so on. Anything graded 7 or worse is heavily played with and has substantial damage.

Guarantee of authenticity: I do guarantee the authenticity of each and any model or box i sell, no fakes, repaints, replacement decals/labels/parts, customs or fotocopied boxes! Everything here is original! In case of listing an repainted model it will always be classified as such. Of course that guarantee also covers all my older paper related collectors items such as catalogs, leaflets, trade sheets and therelike. Anything i list is an genuine vintage collectible item.

Box types: I use the following system for Regular Wheel boxes ( in german only ): Boxtypes

This is slightly different then other systems with the different "E" Box subtypes as the original "E" box listings are not really logical.

A few words on the person you're dealing with: Yes, i turned my hobby into my profession and i truly enjoy what i'm doing. How did it started? Well, it's always the same story, isn't it? I started "collecting" my Matchbox treasures in the age of 9 or 10, the yearly collectors catalog became my bible, i knew every model and the correct number for short, as a 10 year old boy i loved my Matchbox toys already. But suddenly the interest's changed ( i was 14 or so ): First it turned into those with two legs ( and they took away my sleep ) followed by those with two wheels ( taking all my money ). At time it was "uncool" having a Matchbox or any toy collection. Fast forward to my late 20's, all the sudden you're holding one of those treasured models from "back then" in your hand and it brings back all those memories! So you start hunt these on fleamarkets or on ebay, mainly looking for those model you had back then. At one time you get your first catalog and while flipping through the pages it goes like "i remember this one here"...or "i always wanted that Police Car"! At that time it's most likely too late for you, the collectors bug did infect you and many of those reading these lines here are fully infected and will stay with their collection for the rest of their life! Don't worry, it's a wonderful hobby and no, you are not alone! I'm convinced that in the long run these baby-boomers Toy-collectibles like Matchbox or Hot Wheels will replace the classic collectible fields like stamps or coins. Most collectors are willing to invest more into a hobby which is not only value stable but also has lots of priceless memories attached to it.
When i noticed that i had a couple of thousand duplicates sitting around in my basement and that my job takes to much time away from my worldwide searches for missing variations or answers to the many questions we still have on the Matchbox/Lesney history i decided to do this professional. So, i'm now in my 21st year of dealing with Matchbox models and other Lesney related items. My main fields are 1-75 Regular Wheels and early Superfast models and i'm specialized in Pre-production models from those ranges. I'm also very deeply into anything "paper" related to the Lesney years: catalogs, leaflets, trade sheets, Newsletters, drawings & blueprints... Unfortunaly i do collect these ranges too and i'm therefore always on the hunt for missing variations, especially Pre-pro's / colour trials!

I'm ( or in some cases was ) a member of the following Matchbox Collectors Club's:

  • Matchbox USA
  • American International Matchbox
  • MICA - Matchbox International Collectors Assosiation
  • The Matchbox Club

  • Happy collecting!

    Hardy Ristau

    If you are looking for specific rare models, variations or boxes please contact me. I will gladly see what i can do for you. Over the years i was privileged to work with some of the Top Matchbox Collectors around the globe helping them building up their collections and closing gap's. Also if you're looking for pre-productions or need information on such models feel free to ask, i have build up a database on known Regular Wheel pre-productions which are known.